‘We’re ready!’ Liz Truss lashes out at Biden for delay in post-Brexit UK-US trade talks

The International Trade Secretary Liz Truss said during an event at the Policy Exchange think tank that Britain is ready and waiting to begin trade negotiations with the United States. Asked about when a trade deal with the US can be expected, Ms Truss said: “On the United States we’ve already had success in de-escalating the Airbus Boeing tariff war which has now lead to a working group on large civil aircraft and we go the tariffs removed on products like whiskey which was very important with our industries.

“We are working together with the United States on how we defend key industries against unfair practices such as steel and other traditional industries as well as looking at how we work together in areas like technology.

“I was pleased to see last night that the US has appointed their chief agricultural negotiator.

“They now have their full negotiating team and of course the UK are absolutely ready to negotiate when the US are.

“But we have lots of opportunities on the go. We’re using all our negotiating capacity but the US is a big opportunity when they are ready to negotiate.”

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