Big cat expert gives talk amid surge of elusive creature sightings – ‘Share their experien

Frank Tunbridge, 74, from Podsmead has been studying the wildlife in the area for decades and has announced he will host a “powerpoint” presentation on the mysterious cats next month. Big cat sightings have plagued Gloucestershire, in particular the Forest of Dean, for years and for this reason Mr Tunbridge will host his meeting in the sighting hotspot – Ruardean.

The big cat expert told Gloucestershire Live: “Reports of big cats similar to black leopards and pumas in appearance have been in the news throughout the UK for decades now, and due to social media have been brought to the public’s attention more so in recent years.

“Due to this interest in the subject a colleague and I decided a few years back to offer illustrated, power point presented talks in village halls.

“Here people come along and share their experiences, and also discuss and learn more about this fascinating, and often debatable subject.

“Many people who come to the talks have witnessed one of these elusive creatures first hand.”

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Frank Tunbridge, who is often approached for his expert opinion on big cats and other unusual wildlife sightings, welcomed people to join the talk which is set to take place at Ruardean Village Hall on December 3 at 7pm.

The mysterious cat sighting expert continued: “These excursions are very productive in the respect of coming up with evidence of these cat’s existence and lifestyle in rural and sometimes not so rural areas of the UK, where they have been covertly living, often overlooked for decades now.

“So, if you have an interest in this fascinating topic, or have even seen one, you are welcome to come along and join in the ‘Big Cat’ experience talk.”

Mr Tunbridge previously appealed to the public to receive big cat sighting information from residents of the Forest of Dean as well as the rest of the UK.

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He told Gloucestershire Live he received 25 reports of big cat encounters: “So far 25 emails have come my way.“

“Please contact me at if you have more exciting encounters to forward to me.”

While Gloucestershire attracts plenty of attention for the multiple elusive cat sightings, many other British counties have been terrorised by the mysterious creatures as well.

Over the past few months, sightings of big cats have been surging in Chester, Ellesmere Port, Warrington and Frodsham.

Cheshire is also known to be a hotspot of big cat sightings, with a group set up specifically to track the reported sightings.

There have been reports of big cats in the UK for decades, with the majority of the sightings clustered around the moorlands of Exmoor, Bodmin and Dartmoor, as well as West Wales and Scotland, according to

Sightings in the East Midlands first began in the 1990s around the County of Rutland, where Shell Lee and Bobby encountered the alleged big cat.