BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg brutally shut down by Nicki Minaj: ‘Go away, dumbo!’

In light of Minaj’s comments regarding the vaccination, professor Chris Whitty hit out at those who spread misinformation. The US music icon was quick to pick up on professor Whitty’s comment and claimed she loved his accent. Ms Kuenssberg then picked up on the comment before the US singer issued a furious put down against the BBC journalist. 

Minaj said: “Yes 2021 when jack a***s hang on to my every tweet but can’t decipher sarcasm & humour, and can’t read.

“Go away dumbo.”

Professor Whitty dismissed the American rapper’s anti-vax claims during the Downing Street press conference. 

Indeed, he claimed the Minaj had pedalled dangerous myths concerning the coronavirus vaccine. 

He said during the Downing Street briefing: “There are a number of myths that fly around.

“Some of which are clearly ridiculous, and some of which are clearly designed to just to scare.

“That happens to be one of them.

“That is untrue.”

This is a developing story, more to follow…