BBC on alert! Boris’ new Culture Secretary ‘no great fan’ of broadcaster – unearthed rants

And now the long-standing Boris ally has had her loyalty repaid with a key cabinet role.

Since news of her appointment spread like wildfire this afternoon, tweets where she had previously slammed the media corporation which now comes under her brief have emerged.

In one post from September 2015 she wrote: “Is anyone surprised that the BBC have shortlisted the assassination of Margaret Thatcher for an award?”

Shortly before the 2017 French Presidential election between far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and current French President Emmanuel Macron, she posted: “If Le Pen wins the French election, I fear that BBC presenters may have a collective nervous breakdown.”

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Right-leaning political commentator Darren Grimes posted: “Well, @NadineDorries VS the BBC is going to be a fun one.”

With her appointment the 64-year-old becomes the 10th culture secretary in 10 years.

Before entering politics in 2000 she worked as a nurse and is also a best-selling author.

Prior to becoming an MP in 2005 she worked as a special adviser to Oliver Letwin, the then shadow chancellor.

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She is a staunch Brexiteer and famously called then-PM David Cameron and his then-chancellor George Osborne as “two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse” in 2012.

As well as blasting the BBC, the MP for Mid Bedfordshire has also previously slammed snowflakes and cancel culture.

In 2017 she tweeted: “Left wing snowflakes are killing comedy, tearing down historic statues, removing books from universities, dumbing down panto, removing Christ from Christmas and suppressing free speech.

“Sadly, it must be true, history does repeat itself. It will be music next.”

Ms Dorries replaced Oliver Dowden – who has become the Conservative Party’s co-chair.