Al Qaeda could be poised to strike US within one or two years – ‘Already see indications’

Since the insurgency ousted the US-backed Afghanistan government, the director of the Defence Intelligence Agency has warned that al Qaeda may launch an attack. This stark warning came on Tuesday during the Intelligence and National Security Summit, when Army Lieutenant General Scott Berrier stated it may be “one to two years” until an attack may occur.

“The current assessment conservatively is one to two years for al Qaeda to build some capability to at least threaten the homeland,” General Berrier said.

On August 31 the US military completed its withdrawal, leaving the Taliban in control of the country.

“We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out,” General Frank McKenzie, head of U.S. Central Command, said from Washington.

The last planes left Kabul airport one minute before midnight on August 31 – the deadline that was arranged to carry out the evacuations.

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“We are already beginning to see some of the indications of some potential movement of al Qaeda to Afghanistan,” Mr. Cohen said.

“But it’s early days and we will keep a very close eye on that.”

Officials have stated that the Islamic State’s branch in Afghanistan, ISIS-K, may pose a threat to the US, especially after the attack during the US evacuations.

ISIS-K staged a suicide bombing on August 26 as American troops were carrying out evacuations in the capitals airport.

The attack killed 13 US service members and dozens of Afghans.