PS5 stock coming to Argos, GAME, BT – PlayStation 5 restock news

UPDATE: According to the latest updates shared today, a new PS5 stock drop is happening on September 14, courtesy of GAME UK. The retailer will reportedly drop a new shipment of consoles between 9am BST and 11am BST.

Thousands of PlayStation 5 consoles are expected to be made available but many will be released in bundles rather than as individual units.

ORIGINAL: Sony continues to struggle with gamer demand in September and it looks like issues with the supply chain will continue throughout the rest of the year.

September has been a quiet month for PS5 stock drops, with a few appearing online over the first weeks.

And while things have been pretty disappointing so far, the good news is that there will be at least one big PS5 stock drop over the coming days.

This week could be the biggest for those looking to buy a PlayStation 5 console before the big holiday period.

Argos, GAME, and BT will all be restocking on PS5 consoles from what has been shared so far.

This could mean that between September 14 and September 17 will be your best chance this month to buy a next-gen gaming machine.

The news comes directly from PS5 Stock UK – a reliable stock tracker account on Twitter – which provides the best guide on what’s happening next.

The latest news from PS5 Stock UK reads: “PlayStation 5 (GAME) News: PlayStation 5 consoles (+bundles) that were supposed to drop this week had been delayed by a week due to GAME’s in-store Series X sale this week.

“PS5’s at GAME is now expected between 14-16 September with potential delivery by 24th September.”

“PlayStation 5 (Argos) Exclusive News: PlayStation 5 consoles have now been leaving warehouses across the nation, making their way to local stores. This process usually takes a few days. Restock expected between 14-17 September after 8am.”

And the good news is that while Argos and GAME will provide the best sources this week, there will be another.

GAME: GAME is a UK retailer that offers the most regular stock updates for PS5 consoles. However, console hunters have been warned to use Guest Checkout, as this option is less likely to crash when completing a purchase. The next PS5 stock is expected around September 14.

AMAZON UK: Amazon UK runs better under strain but still comes with a few kinks worth mentioning. Having an account set up with your card details is a good start, and gamers should also try adding a console to their wishlist before checking out. More stock is expected in September but no solid dates have been confirmed.

Demand remains very high for PS5 consoles in 2021, with retailers unable to keep up.

Next-gen stock usually sells out within hours of being released, leaving many still waiting to buy one.

So far, Sony has confirmed selling 10 million units globally, hitting the milestone on July 18.