Currys PS5 VIP codes sent TODAY: Check your emails now for chance to buy PlayStation 5

PS5 stock hunters need to check their emails today, with Currys sending out a fresh batch of PS5 VIP codes to customers that had previously registered. Unlike other retailers, Currys holds a draw where codes (which are needed to buy stock) are sent to customers that are hoping to purchase a PS5. This helps avoid a huge rush to purchase the PS5, but on the flip side means whether you get picked and receive a VIP code is up to chance.

The latest batch of PS5 Currys codes was sent out this afternoon, with the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account alerting its followers. The account tweeted: “Currys PC World has sent out a new batch of PS5 VIP codes! Check your emails. Disc Edition consoles only. In-store pre-orders only via VIP code. Must redeem before 19th October.”

If you haven’t been sent a Currys PS5 VIP code then be sure to keep a close eye on the PlayStation 5 stock tracker accounts on Twitter. That’s because if someone has a spare code lying around they have been known to give these crucial codes away, with stock trackers then going to offer it.

The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: “If you have a spare code you’d like to give to someone else, feel free to DM us the code. You may do so by sending the code in text form, as well as the image for evidence.

“Please do not DM us asking for a code, we do not give them away privately! Thank you.”

While the @PS5UpdatesUK account added: “Currys have sent out a new batch of VIP codes! Please do check your emails, including your junk/spam folder

“If you have received a code, but are definitely not going to use it, please consider to DM it to me to give away to somebody who will use it. #PS5 #VIP #SharingIsCaring”.

The email PS5 customers have received alerting them to the latest Currys restock says: “Congrats! We held a new VIP draw and it’s great news. We’ve got a PS5 bundle reserved just for you.

“Want to secure yours now? Just follow the steps below to get hold of your brand new PS5 bundle.

“How to redeem. Find your nearest store with our store locator.

“Pop along to the store no later than 19th October with your PS5 VIP code to select your bundle and purchase in store.

“Bundle availability is limited so please come as soon as you can to secure your first choice.

“We’ll let you know when your new PS5 bundle has been delivered to the store. Just pop by to collect. Game on!”